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Advantages of No Investment Energy Opportunity Vs. ACN Energy

If you’ve been evaluating network marketing opportunities in energy, chances are someone has suggested that you take a look at the ACN energy opportunity.  After all, ACN is a very successful company that has been in operation for over 18 years.  ACN is a bit like the Amway of essential home services.  ACN reps can market internet services, satellite TV, digital telephone and wireless services, along with energy. The ACN energy service is offered through marketing partnerships with two different energy retailers, Xoom energy and Planet energy, depending on the state.  ACN energy

Why Choose ACN Energy if You Want to Market Energy?

Why anyone would choose to join ACN to specifically market ACN energy is a question that I struggle with for the following reasons:

1)  Why would you want to pay a $499 fee for the “privilege” to market for ACN energy, along with a monthly fee for your websites and annual renewal fees when it is totally unnecessary?

One of the “hottest” energy suppliers in America (recognized by Forbes magazine) offers a no fee, no investment network marketing program with a simpler and more lucrative compensation plan!!

This company is a dedicated energy company (not an energy re-seller) with regional and national product offerings and offers reps the opportunity to serve the residential, small business and large commercial segments.

2)  The ACN energy marketing plan does not drive and support customer volume and retention for energy which is critical to your income opportunity.

Because ACN is an energy reseller, not an energy supplier, it is not able to offer rates that are as competitive (low) as licensed energy suppliers, which affects customer acquisition and retention.

In addition, because ACN charges such a high fee for “independent business owners” to join, it makes it extremely difficult for individuals to recruit others into the business and build a team of other business builders to help grow the business and customer base.

The energy company that has the no investment model provides EVERY customer with the opportunity to become an independent representative and earn for referring new customers at no cost!  Right out of the gate any customer can earn $260 for referring just 10 new customers, with absolutely no investment themselves.

You have to consider how your energy business can explode when it is that easy to duplicate.  This is NOT hypothetical.  My personal energy business increased by 75 customers in the past 48 hours.  I earn passive and residual income on all of those customers.

3)  The ACN energy marketing and compensation plan is heavily skewed towards earnings for recruiting new independent representatives, versus building a large, sustainable, long-term residual income.

If what you are after is short-term money, you have $499 to invest, and you are particularly skilled at convincing people to hand over their credit card, then there is certainly the possibility that you can earn some attractive money with ACN energy.  Yet, at the same time, you should be fully aware of the statistics that 9 out of 10 people who pay a fee to join a network marketing opportunity like ACN energy fail to ever turn a profit. They don’t even earn back their initial investment.

However, if you are looking to build a significant, sustainable income leveraging energy deregulation and renewable energy, I encourage you to look into the No Investment alternative.

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To Your Success!

Courtney Day



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