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Network Marketing Energy Company: No Fee to Join

If you’re thinking about joining a network marketing energy company, you must be excited about the income opportunity.  After all, deregulated energy is projected to be a $500 billion industry, and top representatives with network marketing opportunities will earn five and six figure monthly incomes.   Maybe you will be one of those people?  So what’s stopping you?  Chances are it’s the reality of parting with the $399-$499 upfront investment fee to join a typical network marketing energy opportunity, along with the required monthly fee for the website and marketing tools, that has kept you from moving forward.  Well good for you!network marketing energy

With the majority of network marketing companies, it is the upfront fees and “autoship” programs that earn the company its profits and help to compensate the independent reps. Under a traditional network marketing business model, the company and field force are well compensated to recruit new representatives, and a few at the top are able to earn astronomical incomes. But the sad truth about the network marketing industry is that 9 out of 10 new representatives fail to ever earn back their initial investment. It’s just the way it is.

Premier network marketing energy company has broken the mold: “No Investment, No Risk” Opportunity

There is a relatively newer energy company that has really started to shake up the other network marketing energy companies and the network marketing industry in general, because of its “no investment, no risk” business model.  Not only is there no investment to join, but reps do not pay anything for their websites either.  The company also strongly supports green energy and gives 15-20% of its bottom-line profits to national charities that its customers designate.

I know what you are thinking!  Can a rep earn any money with this kind of opportunity?  You bet!!!  In fact there is more money in this company’s compensation plan than any of the other network marketing energy opportunities out there.

How can that be? 

The reason this company can offer a “no investment” opportunity is because the founders of the company are world-class experts in the energy trading business and built a business model tied to the profitability of its product – energy.   The company is able to competitively compensate the independent representatives (aka the “sales force”), based simply on customers that they and their network marketing organizations acquire.

What is so brilliant about the business model is that by offering a “no fee” opportunity, the business has been able to attract new reps and customers to the business opportunity at an astonishing rate.  The only requirement to qualify an individual as a representative is that they need to become an energy customer themselves or find an individual willing to be their customer.  This way, every rep has at least one paying customer, and every customer has the opportunity, at no cost, to earn money by referring other customers.

Recognized by Forbes Magazine

One of the greatest testimonies to this network marketing energy company’s success is that it was recently named by Forbes magazine in it’s top 100 list of “America’s Most Promising Companies” at the #57 position.  It was the only energy company to make the list and the only network marketing company ever to make the list!  In my book, that is quite a statement.

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  1. Eric Goldman

    Hi Courtney
    Great article. Very informative. So different from the traditional Network marketing business.
    Thanks for sharing

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