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Effective MLM Sales: Team Building and Communication

Effective MLM sales is vital to your business. So is good team building. For both, good communication is key. But what is effective communication? Ask yourself this: is good communication like bowling or ping-pong? If you answered bowling, communication goes out from you and ends, bam (!). If you answered ping-pong, you are open to give and take in relationship.

Think back to an instance of poor communication. It’s mildly irritating, possibly angering; or even hurtful. In one way or another, free exchange was cut off.  

Neither MLM sales or team building can happen effectively with such closed-end “bowling” type communication. But we do it all the time! MLM Sales

Open up communication. First, realize there is a lot happening all at once in communication (good or bad) beyond the mere words going back and forth.  

For example, your attitude and purpose play a huge part in good communication. What your MLM sales contacts or business team members are going to remember is not what you say but what you mean―your purpose, your motive. Be honest and clear about your real intent. This “meta-communication” is what comes through and lasts.

What is your motivation for communicating? Do you simply want to make a sale or recruit a rep? Do you only want to dismiss an irritating team member or solve a problem? Get your purpose straight and right first. What do you really want?

This ancient proverb offers wisdom: From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied. “Fruit” is the production of our communication. Good production is based on pure motivation. With true intent we get the best results, even a boon.

Here is good intent―genuinely care about the other person and communicating with him/her. Be respectful, patient and open to relationship. Desire to hear and understand him/her. Be honest. Practice self-disclosure. Be open and transparent. Build trust. Be aware of “assumptions.” What does the other person bring to the situation in terms of his/her belief, understanding, need and purpose? These may be quite different from yours.

Remember that good communication is not just the words spoken, but your body language, tone of voice and inflection. Good communication is also listening.

In MLM sales and team building, good intent in communication seeks to fortify a person’s self-worth, competence and self-determination. Good communication flows respectfully back-and-forth. Effective communication will help you get your desired MLM sales and team building results.

Remember the words of Ecclesiastes: The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.

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