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How do Ignite and North American Power Compare?

Yes, Ignite Energy is one of those companies focused on an extraordinarily “hot” and lucrative sector for direct sales and network marketing.  However, if you are considering joining Ignite for the business opportunity, then you need to do yourself a favor and compare Ignite to other energy opportunities including the no investment option and ask yourself:

  • Which business offers the greater opportunity for you to be wildly successful?
  • Which business makes it easier to sponsor tons of new representatives and acquire new customers?
  • Which business gives you a greater “footprint” to market your business and do business?Ignite
  • Which business has the better model for customer retention?
  • Which business will put you into “profit” faster?
  • How do the compensation plans compare?
  • Are there any “gotcha’s” in the compensation plan, like downline breakaways when a person you sponsor and mentor achieves your promotion rank?

In this article, I am going to present some specific information comparing  Ignite to the No Investment energy opportunity to point out some  important differences that effect your “opportunity,” and so that you are able to make a well informed decision.

Ignite Energy vs. No Investment Option: Becoming Profitable Quickly

One of the most obvious differences between Ignite and a no investment option is that Ignite charges a $299 fee to become a representative and $24.95 per month for it’s websites. That’s $598.40 per year in fees, which means that you need to work to earn $598.40 just to break even with Ignite.  With the NO investment option, not only is there no fee to join, but representatives receive two web sites and the Back Office business and training center for FREE.  With the no investment opportunity representatives are also compensated starting with their first customer, so they become profitable starting with their first customer.

Both Ignite and the No Investement option offer fast start bonuses, but assuming you qualify for the fast start income with Ignite, you are simply earning money that helps offset your initial investment. With the No Investement opportunity fast start program you can earn a $250 bonus for every 10 personally recruited customers in a rep’s first 30 days with no cap, in addition to the standard per customer recruitment earnings, and it is all profit to you.

Ignite vs. No Investment Opporunity:  Building Your Business by Sponsoring Reps and Getting Customers

If you are looking to make money in an energy opportunity, there are two critical factors: the number of representatives in your organization and the number of customers.  Representatives help you GET the customers for which you get paid. So ask yourself this: Do you think it is easier to recruit reps and convince them to join if the opportunity is free  or if the cost is $299?

In terms of building a customer base, both Ignite andthe No Investment opportuity offer a value proposition of competitive pricing, but with the No Investment opportunity, a representative must have a qualified customer to qualify to be a rep, and at the same time, every customer is automatically qualified to become a representative for free.  What this means is that every individual in the No Investment opportunity has a qualifying customer attached to them. This is very important, because you need to be able to RETAIN customers in your business to earn residual income over the long term. When the rep is a customer and a customer can earn by referring, the customer retention rate is exceptional.

Ignite vs. No Investment Opportunity: Where You Can Do Business

Building a large business is influenced in part, by where you can do business. Currently Ignite serves residential and commercial customers in TX and GA, and residential customers only in MD, NJ and PA. By comparison, the No Investment energy company has a national opportunity.  The company supplies residential and commercial customers in CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, IL and OH with GA and TX coming soon. It also offers American Wind, 100% renewable energy product, in all 50 states.  With the No Investment opportunity reps can also solicit large commercial and industrial customers in 14 deregulated states.  So which business do you think offers the greater opportunity to attract representatives and acquire customers?

Ignite vs. No Investment Opportunity: Compensation Plans

There is too much information to cover to go into deep comparisons here. But when you do compare the plans, you will notice that Ignite follows more of a “recruit to earn” model.  You also need to pay careful attention to “gotcha’s” such as  the “leveling out” scenario in Ignite’s plan.  Leveling Out is when a Director in someone’s leadership organization promotes to the next leadership position and all future Leadership Income from the new leadership organization goes to the new leadership position.

I hope this information has been helpful to you as you consider and evaluate opportunities in the energy sector.

If you would like to learn more about the No Investment energy opportunity, Click Here.

To Your Success!

Courtney Day



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